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Welcome to Lewis A Collins Photographer Stock Image Library (LCPMTL Photography)
Lewis returned from retirement of photography on the 23/11/2017 as my love for photographing & travel was too strong to stay away, now as a semi-retired hobbyist photographer, I have time to focus on my passion for photographing the full-figured, Plus size people to produce more stock photography images.

With Plus size people I am in tending to capture their alluring beauty of their curvaceous shapes and sexually, by celebrating the fuller figures in an artistic way with photography.

My wife and I have travelled around Australia in our 4x4 with a boat and caravan in tow, now we are traveling to various places around the world on our bucket list.
I’ve been accredited with multiple photographic assignments for commercial and private work, and Government departments, and been published in various magazines in Australia and internationally.

My motto is: Real people for real advertising”
If you would like to join me LCPMTL
Photography in supporting this motto or if You would like to try benign a sitter or model for free? Whether you’re chasing your 15minutes of fame, or you’re just curious to see what it’s like, please do get in touch!
I regularly conduct paid photo shoots covering a wide array of themes, including Boudoir, glamour, BBW, Curvy, and Plus size for stock images. I pay my sitters/models award or negotiated rates.
I look forward to hearing from you and working with you!
Lewis A Collins, Photographer Stock Image Library & Model & Talent Library (LCPMTL)